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While placing trades, the number of milliseconds it takes to execute your order can have a big impact on your overall success as a trader. In the financial markets, it’s not enough to have a reliable trading system and a well thought out trading plan. The infrastructure upon which your trades are executed is of paramount importance in getting the fastest trade execution possible.

28FOREX has partnered with Equinix to create a cutting-edge trading infrastructure located in the heart of London, the epicenter of global trading and world finance. 28FOREX servers are hosted on the same grid as major international banks and liquidity providers allowing for direct cross connectivity to this network of execution venues via Optical Fibre.

LD5 Data Center

Equinix’s state-of-the-art London Data Center (LD5) is a highly secure and specified data center with a full range of support and monitoring services. 28FOREX has integrated with Equinix to provide traders with the most redundant and efficient backend solutions in the market today. Traders will experience faster execution and reduced latency, while maintaining the security and efficiency traders have learned to expect from 28FOREX.

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