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28FOREX provides on-line trading on Forex market on the basis of NDD (Non Dealing Desk). All trading positions are hedged on the interbank market at the largest institutional liquidity providers. Hence, 28FOREX Company is interested in clients profit directly, as the more profit you take - the larger your deposit becomes, and with larger deposit, the more company is able to earn on commissions while hedging your positions. We give you the opportunity to lead a profitable, high-quality, fast and efficient trading on Forex market using STP and ECN accounts.

Safety of Client Funds

28FOREX client funds are initiated, monitored and dispersed in accordance with strict client financial rules, and no effort is spared in maintaining the integrity of the funds being traded on our platform. All client free margin is held in trust accounts with top tier banks and are separate from our own operating funds. The Finance team performs daily reconcilation of client assets and liabilities in accordance with our regulatory guidelines.

Data Protection

28FOREX is dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguards your personal and financial information with maximum care. We employ leading security software and systems and have strict procedures in place to protect your information. 


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